USB-2 still not working??!!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by brianlamoreaux, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. brianlamoreaux


    About a month and a half ago I filled out a survey of top issues the Support Team was prioritizing to work on. Among one of the top issues was USB-2 functionality. I just downloaded the latest version on the website 1940-something. I was running on 1884 previously.
    I STILL cannot use a thumbdrive as a thinks it's a USB-2 device, but thinks I am pluging into a USB-1 port (which I have none on my Mac), and the speed is excruciatinly noticable. This is a key major function, as i know of no other way to transfer windows files back to Mac. Why hasn't this been worked out?
    Am I missing something?

    thanks, Brian
  2. unused_user_name


    This has already been gone over.

    Parallels has announced that this will be in the next major version release. When they start announcing version 2.0 of Parallels desktop then get excited, not unitl then.

    All of these minor versions (1848,1940 ect...) are not designed to implement new features, most of them are being built around kernel panics on Apple's new hardware.
  3. Sam3


    paid or free?

    WIll we have to pay for that major update or will it be free? If it's free, then great, if it's paid, then that isn't right. Functionality such as USB-2 shouldn't be a new feature, it should be a bug fix. It's an issue that I've seen posted here almost since day one.
  4. darkone


    Just because it was top of your list, doesnt mean it was top of other peoples. More people were concerned with Parallels simply not working or crashing...
  5. joem



    You can move files between guest and host using either shared folders or a network connection. The network connection will allow you to move files between your guest, and any other machine connected to your network where you have authorization, including your Mac host.
  6. akac


    An issue does not mean bug. I have an "issue" that Windows ain't pretty. Why should I pay for Vista? USB2 support is a new feature. They never claimed they supported USB2 speeds before.

    So while I agree USB2 support is definitely desired its not a bug for them to fix, but a new feature for them to introduce.
  7. Paul Linden

    Paul Linden

    Not only that, in the latest update (not sure about earlier ones since I found this out just two days ago) you can set your /Volumes directory as a shared folder in the VM settings so anything you plug into your Mac's USB or firewire ports, including external hard drives, is accessible.

    One thing to note though, you can't browse to /Volumes since OS X treats it as a hidden folder, but you can manually enter it.

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