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    I got a MacBook pro recently mainly so I could run windows apps on it but I'm having very little success.
    I have Parallels 3186 with windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4.10 which is all up to date.
    I can't:
    1. Connect my SPV M700 PDA which runs Windows mobile 5. I have activesync on windows XP and the PDA but it says there is no device found.
    2. Install the CD for my tomtom GPS navigation system that is on on my PDA. It downloaded lots of files for it from the CD but nothing runs no matter what folder I select.
    3. Use the built in isight with msn messenger. I get the message that it's in use with another application even though it isn't. I looked at some threads on here and downloaded some isight drivers, but they just ended up as files I couldn't open.
    4. Work out how to get to the Configuration Editor setting on Parallels. It says you can't change the configuration when the machine is running, but when you shut it down, it disappears!!!
    So far the whole thing has been nothing but a waste of time!
    Can anyone help me please?
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    Please upgrade Parallels to the latest build #3214 via the "check for updates" option under the "Help" menu,

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