USB-C Bluetooth Adapter for Windows 11 ARM That Actually Works?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by Jim Aloye, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. Jim Aloye

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    Due to the problems using an Xbox controller via Bluetooth with a Windows 11 Parallels Virtual Machine as described here (CLICK HERE), I am trying to take another route and get a USB-C bluetooth adapter so I can pass it directly through the M1 MacBook Pro to the Windows 11 Parallels Virtual Machine.

    I had an ASUS BT400 that worked with my old Intel Based Mac as a pass through to a VMWare Virtual Machine, and connecting that same USB Bluetooth unit to a USB-C causes it to pass through successfully to the Windows 11 Virtual Machine via parallels, but once it connects, Windows 11 doesn't seem to recognize it as shown below, so the device won't actually work.

    Can anyone recommend a USB-C Bluetooth Adapter that works with a Windows 11 ARM Parallels Virtual Machine on Mac M1X?
    I need to get an Xbox Bluetooth controller working and for something that should be simple, the level of effort has proven to be outrageous with no solution in sight.

  2. BehradS

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    seems to be a general bluetooth connection issue with parallel 17.1 at the moment, i have the same issue but with using MyPhone application and connecting my samsung phone for calling. Needs a solutions ASAP

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