USB flash drive connection issues

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by MatthiasE5, Dec 18, 2023.

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    I'm asking all users for help in order to see if they can reproduce an issue with USB flash drive connectivity.
    Please simply do the following:
    1. Get any USB flash drive - preferrably NTFS-formatted. Size does not matter, just any drive you can find. Ideally it should be USB-C, but you may also use USB-A with an Apple adapter.
    2. Connect it to your Mac, then make sure it is configured to always connect to the Windows VM.
    3. It should now show up as a normal drive in Windows, for example E: You may want to make sure it works e.g. by creating an empty text file or a folder on that drive.
    4. Now just let it rest there for a week or even two. Create an (additional) empty text file or folder on the drive once a day to ensure it is working. Take note of any unexpected behavior:
    a) Unexpected disconnects
    b) Unexpeted re-connects as a network drive in Windows File Explorer (i.e., it showing up in Finder as a drive)
    c) Freezing of the drive, in the sense that E: will still show up, but you can no longer access the drive (not possible to create a file).
    5. Kindly report the results to the forum.

    I am experiencing issues every few days for no good reason. I believe I have seen all of these, a, b, c. I'm using a SanDisk USB-C drive directly connected to the Mac.
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    Hello, this issues persists. The USB drive, that I have permanently attached to the Mac and that has very little data written to it, on a daily basis, is disconnecting about twice a day. It's not predictable. Sometimes it won't disconnect for 2 days. Sometimes it will disconnect 3x in one day.

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