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  1. EvgeniyK2

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    Feature description:
    Add possibility to attach to VM a "virtual USB flash", i.e. from VM side it looks like USB flash drive, but from host side this is just a regular file.
    HDDs/ISOs are already working in that way, but sometimes it is required to have a "virtual usb flash".

    Here is a copy of dialog:

    me: "I'm doing some technical stuff, and application that is installed inside VM require usb flash disk to be attached to VM.
    Is it possible to simulate writable usb flash drive with parallels? E.g. create some file on host machine, and attach it inside VM as USB flash?"
    p: "Hello EvgeniyK2. Just to be clear, you are not referring to attaching an actual USB flash drive to the VM, but rather to a "virtualized simulation" of the same, correct?"
    me: "yep, correct."
    p: "Unfortunately, Parallels Desktop doesn't have such a feature yet. But it strikes me as a good subject on feature request. Please visit this page and post your concern as a feature suggestion. This page is under constant review by the management and developers."
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    +1 this is critical and very much needed when working with LiveOS.
    Can allow me to safely test it without the need to reboot.
    Unfortunately, CD image won't work for those cases...
  3. BehatH

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    I am desperately trying to simulate a USB device that connects to the VM. The above thread may be old, but I'd like to follow up on this. Has there been any progress in this topic?


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