USB Gamepads not works in Windows2000

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    I can't use my gamepads in Windows2000 on PD3.4128

    I have 2 gamepads, one is a converter to PlayStation2 controller, another one is normal gamepads with 2 sticks and 1 hatswicth and 12 buttons (just like PlayStation2).These device's documentations says that device drivers will be installed automatically(probably HID)

    My Windows 2000 Professional is Japanese Edition. On first connection, drivers had installed automatically(HIDdriver), but device manager said that Can't open device (Error Code 10).

    These problem occurs in same guest OSes in various cases: Upgrading from Windows 2000 installed PD 3188, Only Windows 2000 and Parallels Tools are installed to newly created VM.

    Probably some Japanese user complaining about USB troubles, however, I heard English version of Windows 2000 causes no such troubles. Is this problem Japanese Only ?

    Please help me..

    Host Computer
    Macmini 1.66, MacOS X 10.4.9-10,2GB RAM,Parallels Desktop 3.0 build 4128.

    Guest Computer
    Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4 Japanese Edition,Expanding HD Image 80 GB,No shared folders,500 MB RAM,DirectX Enabled,USB Autoconnect Off.
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