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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by garvinity, Jul 12, 2007.

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    I am new to the mac world. I bought a macbook with parallels (for XP)a couple months ago. I wanted to use MS Streets and Trips with my Altina usb gps unit. The unit never shows up. I try to go into the configuration but it says it says you cant configure while the vm is running.I try to access usb controller by stopping or suspending the vm but then the configure screen auto closes. Please spell out how to get xp in parallels to see the usb devices... or mabey it just wont work? Help... thanx:eek:
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    Don"t give up. It will work because I'm diong it. And I did nothing special.

    With Parallels stopped, open Parallels desktop. You should get a window saying WinXP and under that Stopped. At the bottom of the configuation list you should see the item USB Controller. Click on that. Make sure the Enabled box is checked and the option window says "Connect to Guest OS". Then click on OK.

    Then use the Green arrow on the right to start up WinXP.

    That should do it. But you may still need to install USB drivers for your Altina GPS in WinXP; I had to for my Garmin.


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