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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by parallels support, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. parallels support

    parallels support Member

    Please help me put together a list of the USB printers (Make/Model) that aren't working with Parallels build 3188. Also, please note the type of Mac you're using. This list will be forwarded to the Parallels development team. Thank you!! DS
  2. sidssp

    sidssp Hunter

    Epson Stylus Photo R-800.

    iMac 20" Core Duo with 2G RAM, OS/X 10.4.9.
  3. akadmon

    akadmon Member

    Cannon MP600 prints in B&W only using Bonjour's postscript driver. The printer's own driver does not work in Parallels.
  4. Mike Boreham

    Mike Boreham Pro

    R 800 is working for me, after a lot of trial and error. Best plugged into the Airport USB, then Bonjour and the Epson drivers (not the generic one). Works on both Mac Pro and Macbook Pro. The MacBook Pro also works with the R800 plugged into the MacPro firewire, but ironically I couldn't get the MacPro to work consistently like this.

    Mac Pro 2.66, X1900, MacBook Pro CD 1.83, both 10.4.9
  5. Tyland1200

    Tyland1200 Parallels Team

    Printer list continued

    Cannon i9900 and a Cannon ip6700
    Thank you for adding these to the list
  6. Tyland1200

    Tyland1200 Parallels Team

    Add to printers

    Epison Stylus cx3200
  7. Tyland1200

    Tyland1200 Parallels Team

    Added Printer

    Xerox phaser 860
  8. toomuchstuff

    toomuchstuff Bit poster

    Epson R1800 on an iMac 20" Core 2 Duo; 2 GB RAM running build 3188.
  9. ttclett

    ttclett Bit poster


    The Epson R1800 and R800 should both work after installing the Bonjour for windows.exe from Apple. You could also read the Use Generic ... thread above. I have got my R800 and 2 other printers to work on both sides following this thread.

    Cheers, TT.
  10. STim

    STim Bit poster

    Great post! I have it bookmarked already.

    Please keep the non-working printer models coming. Let me list the important information we need to ensure reproducing it in our testing labs and making sure it's fixed in future updates:

    1. Printer name, model, version. Probably the link to some online store. All that we need to order the same printer.
    2. How do you connect it? Do you connect it to airport base station? Do you connect it directly to Parallels Desktop as an USB device?
    3. Does Windows find the driver immediately or do you have to install them from Disk/internet/somewhere else?
    4. (for advanced users) What is printer driver name and version?
    5. How does the printer "doesn't work"? Symptoms of the problem, actions you've already taken to resolve it?

    Thank you very much in advance for all your help.
  11. constant

    constant Forum Maven

    Do Parallels even care which printers don't work in Workstation?
  12. sidssp

    sidssp Hunter


    I got R800 working using Bonjour as well but it is not USB printer support. Bonjour is a simplified (typical Apple) way of accessing resources over network. It has nothing to do with USB. In fact if you disable USB support in a Windows VM, you can still print to a Bonjour printer.

    I know many people argue that Bonjour is the "right" way to access USB printer. That might be so, but since Parallels claims "Full USB 2.0 support allowing you to connect all of your favorite devices to your operating system of choice", I would expect that I could just plug in my USB printer, do the typical Windows thing, and it should work.

    If Parallels determines that Bonjour is the way to go, then they should document it fully such that customers who do not have the benefit of accessing this forum knows what to expect.
  13. Tyland1200

    Tyland1200 Parallels Team

    Please add these printers to the list

    Cannon Pixma IP5000
    HP Deskjet 5550
    HP 2500
    Epison CX6600

    Thank you,

  14. cretepaver

    cretepaver Bit poster

    Epson Stylus C88+
    iMac 20" Dual Intel 1.512 GB
  15. PaulaSnyder

    PaulaSnyder Bit poster

    Canon MP730 Printer
    I have a Mac Mini 1.83
    I connect directly to Parallels Desktop as a USB device.
    Drivers installed from disk.
    Printer was connecting fine until this morning when I booted up. Now when I try to connect, I get a drop down box that says"

    "USB device you are trying to connect to the virtual machine is being used by another process. Wait 5-10 seconds, then try to connect the device again. If this dows not help, find the application that blocked up the device and disconnect it manually."

    I just installed an update to MAC OS10 yesterday. Could this have something to do with it?
    So far I have restarted Parallels and restarted the whole computer, uninstalled and reinstalled my Printer Drivers - all to no avail.

    What is Bonjour and how do I get it?

    Any suggestions????
  16. Gilder53

    Gilder53 Junior Member

    I still can't get my Epson R1800 working on my iMac 24.
  17. John Howard

    John Howard Hunter

    Go to Search for it there.

    Bonjour works well in my WinXP VM - it enables me to print wirelessly to my Airport-connected USB Multifunction Center.
  18. sparkomatic

    sparkomatic Bit poster

    imac 2.16 GHz

    Dymo Twin Turbo printer works with program but not with the Dymo program.
  19. Tyland1200

    Tyland1200 Parallels Team

    Cannon IP3000 MACbook Pro
  20. wiwa

    wiwa Bit poster

    Problem solved!

    After a new installation of XP, I clicked into the USB connected devices and activated the printer, the system "found" new hardware, started to install drivers (I allready installed the drivers before) and now: everything (printer and scanner just works perfectly! Now I really like this software and will buy it, because I can now connect my not Mac compatible devices like Suunto Watches, SonyEricsson Phones, and some more. Just beautiful!
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