Use Firefox (Mac) as universal browser?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Greensauce, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Greensauce

    Greensauce Member

    Is there any way to set Firefox and not safari as the browser when I click a link in XP? When I get an e-mail with a link in it I would like Firefox in my OSX platform to open it. When I go to Prefs and switch Browser to Mac OS X it goes to safari even though in OSX Firefox is the default browser. Any ideas?

  2. cWanja

    cWanja Junior Member

    Yes. Here is the way.

    Open Safari (/Applications).
    From the Safari menu, choose Preferences.
    Click the General button.
    Choose a different browser from the Default Web Browser pop-up menu.
  3. Bit poster

    Parallels uses Safari though NOT Universal Browser

    The above advice is quite correct (I use Opera as my universal browser). There is, however, an annoying exception - whenever there is a link within Parallels itself, I find that it always opens in Safari. Make no mistake - I have Opera set as my browser in both MacOS and Windows, and it works as such in boths OSes, this problem is within Parallels itself. It is a minor thing, but it would be great if they fixed it.
  4. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven

    this happens in Mac MAIL too
    and ozilla news groups call Mozilla browser

    even though Firefox is the default on VM and Mac

    Windows Live Hotmail icon always calls MSW IE 7

    I only use safari for downloads form

    seesm to be an OS or App issue rather than only Parallels

    Hugh W
  5. Bit poster

    Just to be clear, I have Opera set as my default browser (can't speak for Firefox), and all is as it should be - even for links from MacOS Mail. The only exception is links within Parallels itself, where it insists on using Safari.
  6. Greensauce

    Greensauce Member

    "The only exception is links within Parallels itself, where it insists on using Safari."

    That is the whole problem I was hopeing had an answer :\
  7. jasonw

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  8. sschnoor

    sschnoor Bit poster

    Universal Browser settings problem.

    I am trying to have Safari be my universal browser across OSX and Windows. I followed the terminal instructions in the referenced thread (, yet Safari remains the default browser in OSX and IE (win) is the default in Windows. How do I get a link in Windows to open Safari?


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