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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by dmanmiller, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. dmanmiller

    dmanmiller Guest

    Is it possible to disable the ability for clients to login to the terminal server with RDP Client and only use the 2x application client. Simlar to citrix how you can specify only allow published apps?
  2. rjodwyer

    rjodwyer Guest

    publish your terminal server on a different port. just let the 2x client know about that port. unless they are a savvy user, they wont be able to login with default settings using rdp client.
  3. tsmonkey

    tsmonkey Guest

    I am not sure which client version number the 2X Client reports to the terminal server. If it is DIFFERENT than the one reported by the regular MS RDP Client, simply load the 2X SecureRDP (freeware) on the terminal server and filter by CLIENT VERSION, allowing only the 2X ApplicationServer client to connect.
    If 2X did NOT change the client version, they should be able to do this in 5 minutes and more than that. If they did not change it yet, this is stupid. :)
    In case you want to change it on your own it should not be hard as they use the Microsoft RDP OCX. It is simply a matter of changing it there.
    I saw an article at about customizing the RDP client and that may do it.
    No need at all to change the TS port. Filtering is way more elegant. :)

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