Users cannot connect to newly created terminal server

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by SpacetruckerJ, May 29, 2020.

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    Users are getting this message when trying to connect through the client or the web.
    "The session was disconnected because another user has connected to the session"
    What exactly does this mean? I'm not seeing the users logged into the new servers, they are also able to log in directly to the servers over a labtech session. I have checked all permissions and they are all the same. It also looks like the users have rd cals because they are able to log into other locations within parallels without issue.
    Any suggestions for what I can look into?
  2. jpc

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    This error message implies that the client connected to the session, but a different client took over the session. For session takeover to take place, both clients would need to be using the same RDSH server and username.

    Since you are not seeing any users logged in to the new servers, among the possibilities, it could be that the users are being redirected to a different server than the one you are checking (e.g. the published resource is available from different servers and the newer RDSH server was not selected). In this case, you could double check the servers from where the published resource is available (via RAS console) and ensure that the new server is included. From a logs point of view, you could check the logs on the RAS Gateway (%allusersprofile%\Parallels\RASLogs) to confirm to which server they are being connected to and which connections are being serviced.

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