using ActiveSync with USB-connected cell phone?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by mlevin77, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. mlevin77

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    I've got a WM5 cell phone and want to use ActiveSync to connect it to the WinXP virtual system (I do have a way of connecting directly to the Mac, using PocketMac, but it doesn't support WM5 yet). I tried activating the USB port for the device from the Device menu of Parallels, but my XP still doesn't seem to see it (ActiveSync reports no USB connections). Any ideas?

  2. ariell

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    Make sure the phone is turned on, that it is connected to Windows (it should show up in My Computer), and that ActiveSync supports it. Check the manual. You may need to initialize an ActiveSync connection from the phone, or you may need to scan for connections. I've had problems with ActiveSync (pocket pc direct to a winXP box), so problem might not be with parallels.
  3. xandreos

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    i use a pna with windows ce core 5 .. well with a regular windows xp it works fine

    .. but using it in parallels doesnt work really
    although it says after i installed activesync 4.2 that the device is connected in that application ....

    as i try to open the activesync directory it doesnt show anything and xp is working nearly having a hang up .. and the device disconnects / reconnects about on a minute basis

    ... and well the fix to use SyncAlive + USBSwich_PCC doesnt work as i cant get USBSwich_PCC to work on the pna with windows ce core 5

    thanks for any advice .. or a fix from the devs :)
  4. 2noels

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    Hi, I'm going through a similar thing. Have you had any joy yet? Mine is a WM5 device currently with 'PocketMac Pro' and syncing with Entourage in Mac, but when I activate the Mac and click on PocketMac, it rarely recognises my device. When it does, I find its duplicated so many things in Calendar & Contacts, I feel like throwing it in the garbage. Hence thought I'd check out 'Parallels & Windows XP Home'. But before I spend the money wanted to check it out. Have you found a solution yet?

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