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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by AntonS5, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. AntonS5

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    I've bought Parallels 11 a while ago and then upgraded to version 12.
    I noticed that under my account I now have two license keys - one new for 12 (that I successfully updated to and using every day) and a previous one for version 11.

    What I want is to install older (11) version on my wife's MacBook and activate it with my older key.
    I did so, but during activation it says
    "This license is already in use. How would you like to activate Parallels Desktop on this Mac?
    You can either use the license with Parallels Desktop on this Mac, automatically deactivating the license on the other Mac. Or you can purchase a new license"
    [Activate on this Mac] [Cancel] [Buy License]

    Does it mean that my Parallels 12 will be deactivated on my machine when I agree to Activate Parallels 11 on my wife's Mac?

  2. ColinG1

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    On a similar vein, I have been using Parallels for many years and always been able to load it to both a Mac and MacBook on the agreement that only one is in use at a time. With version 12 it seems like I will have to purchase a new licence for the additional machine. If this is the case then what benefit o I have in upgrading when there appears to be no major improvements?

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