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    I'm interested in getting a new mac - pretty beefy 2TB SSD drive with 32Gb of ram, I7 with the 2.3ghz/4.1ghz boost, quad core. I basically want to split the machine using parallels on the SSD and on the ram size. I live in Windows for my job, so I need to ensure that Excel performs like I'm used to.

    I have Office 365 installed and often use a keystroke where I hold down the Alt key and right click over the Excel icon in the taskbar, then left click on the Excel (word). I then get prompted to open a completely separate session of excel. I often have perhaps 3 individual sessions and then multiple workbooks open in each to do my job.


    I have used parallels in the past and had it set up so I could open windows apps in the native mac environment and you would just see the parallels red lines on the app icon so you would know. If anyone has their machine set up like this - can some one open excel and try the keystroke I noted above and see if this will prompt you for opening a separate instance? If this does not perform like I need it to, I may have to rethink what I want to do.


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