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    Has anyone figured out how to use the F keys to map the Windows 2000 keys. I'm working with PD 2.5 and Flight simulator 2004 and win 2K sp4.
    In Flight simulator one uses F2 to put gaz.... it actually brightens the screens as it is supposed to do in MacTen.
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  2. John Purins

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    If your keyboard has a 'fn' key, hold it down and then press the F key.
  3. NewMac

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    Hi there on the mac side go to system preferences, keyboard and mouse ,select keyboard and then activate the "use the F1-F12 keys to control software. Click ok then exit. This will allow you to use the function keys within Parallels to control software. The only setback is to remember to use the Fn key (far left bottom on mac keyboard) when on the mac side to get the mac function keys to work correctly (ie, to change hardware settings)
  4. Komposer

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    Hello there,

    I am trying to run flight simulator 2004 but when I lunch it causes Parallels to quit.
    this is with the Direct X active in the control panel, with out it active the Parallels doesn't quit but the graphics on FS2004 are sort of flashing and incomplete.

    This is all new to me. Could You please help me out


    I got a Macbook pro 2.4GHz 4GB RAM
    Parallels 3.0 up to date

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