Using the ISight (MAC Pro) inside parallels with XP

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by smithal, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. smithal

    smithal Bit poster

    Is there a way to to use the ISight camera inside the parallels desktop with Windows XP? Specifically, I'd like to use the camera with MSN messenger to connect with a friend and conduct a video teleconference.

    Currently, I'm not able to get XP (inside parallels) to even recognize the camera. The camera uses firewire and not USB.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Anthony Smith
  2. SD Macman

    SD Macman Junior Member

    Do a search on the forum for iSight and you will find several posts that address the problem. It usually requires downloading the Boot Camp driver for the iSight camera and installing/updating the driver.

    Good luck.
  3. smithal

    smithal Bit poster

    Yeah, I've been reading the posts but am having trouble locating the Boot Camp driver. I'll keep trying, thanks....
  4. BelgianBull

    BelgianBull Bit poster

    I've tried also... There is no solution... The BootCamp drivers are for Built-in Isight (USB) and not for external Isight (Firewire)....

    If there is a new solution, let us know thank

    I've also Mac Pro, XP Pro & Isight (Firewire)
  5. dangcookie

    dangcookie Member

    Whyyyyyyyyy doesn't Parallels support firewire? That is infuriating. I just installed video editing software and wondered why my camera was not recognized. Then I read this thread. Geezus, man -- why can't Parallels bring us fricking predictable Windows behavior? What has been Parallels' response regarding this?

  6. jrotondo

    jrotondo Junior Member

    You're using a Mac and you're running a PC video editor through Parallels? Why not just use Final Cut Pro or iMovie?
  7. AngryAnt

    AngryAnt Member

    Sounds like going through the hazzle of breaking software, rules and everything to get OS X to run on a dell computer just to be able to play the OS X version of a certain game ;)
  8. Artlantis

    Artlantis Bit poster

    Recently I got Parallels and encountered the problem that external (FireWire) iSight isn't recognized by Parallels. How frustrating is that!!!! I should have known this issue, and shouldn't have wasted so much time trying so hard in every possible way.

    Parallels really let me down - a lot.
  9. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    FireWire devices on current stage are not working on any virtualization software
    We are trying to bring it in Parallels Server and Parallels Desktop version 4
  10. Artlantis

    Artlantis Bit poster

    Hi, John, thank you for your information! Anyway, I'm still looking forward to the next version of Parallels. Keep on going and thank you again. :)

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