Using WinXP Pro for AppServer

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by travisdavis, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. travisdavis

    travisdavis Guest

    How do you publish app using winxp as the server?
  2. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    You will still need Windows 2000\2003 Terminal Server present in the system.
    By setting Terminal Server on Windows XP you will be breaking Microsoft licensing policies.
  3. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    Win XP Pro as low cost terminal server

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  4. Ok... This was an exercise of "Is it possible or not"... :wink:

    If you want fore go any support from any vendor pretty much period, you can try the following. If you hunt around on the web you will find various instructions on how to allow Windows XP SP2 to handle up to 5 terminal server sessions. How? I won't go into how - the sites you'll find tell you how. Short version, it works. :shock:

    Install IIS for XP on the machine..

    Then install 2X App Server.

    Simple as that. You have a baby terminal server running 2X. 8)

    NOTE: It doesn't seem entirely reliable in this set up, and since it was simply a test in if its possible or not, I'm not to phased in trouble shooting it.
  5. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    XP based Terminal Server

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  6. As I said, it was a proof of concept test - would it or wouldn't it work. Since we have mostly 2K3 in our server farms, we will see how 2X runs on that (compared with our current Citrix environment). I will look into ThinServer XP and see how that compares. Thanks for the product placement.
  7. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    Latest version

    Good news

    I have tested the latest version of 2X Apps server ( 5.1 ) with the latest version of ThinServer XP and the filter by user now work very well

    Infact all through out the testing, ThinServer XP work just like a regular terminal server :p

    Any other terminal server worth checking out ?

  8. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    port 80

    Oops forgot to add that you need to open up port 80 on the firewall of ThinServer XP in order for 2X Apps server to work :oops:
  9. srb123

    srb123 Guest

    XP Unlimited

    This app will give you 3 connections for Free.

    Use the enterprise edition if you want to connect to a domain.

    So far has been very reliable for me to give apps to a few remote workers.
  10. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    apps publishing conflicts


    XP unlimited is not bad but their application publishing conflicts with 2X Apps server apps publishing

    Hehe XP unlimited is a replacement product for 2X apps server :shock:

    whereas ThinServer is more of a complementary product :wink:
  11. srb123

    srb123 Guest

    XP unlimited

    But the App publishing isnt as mature as 2X, is quite ugly, and not very intuitive to setup fo more than a few users/groups.

    For the cost id prefer to turn the XP Unlimited feature off for App Publishing and let 2X fly!!!

    Yeee Haaaah.

  12. DaemonB

    DaemonB Guest

    I have XP as an app server

    I applied the WinXP TS sala patch

    Then installed 2X. It works well for 3 users, but you cannot connect to a domain.

    There are other hacks out there that allow you to have unlimited rdp sessions on XP, but again the domain issue.

    If you want to have XP as a fully functional domain integrated terminal server, then you have to purchase a commercial product for that.
  13. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    working in domain

    The is a good patch for 3 users and those NOT in domain AND not in a wide area network. As this is based on older pre SP2 software, it may have security issues

    srb123, you are right about Apps publishing in xpunlimited .. butt ugly :wink:

    For those wanting DOMAIN compatibility, you may go for commercial software such as ThinServer XP or XP unlimited

    However I find ThinServer XP is easier to install and configure
  14. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    new terminal server on the way

    Hmmm I have just received an email from the developer of ThinServer XP that they will soon release a new version of ThinServer which runs on Windows 2003 server

    I will test out their beta version of ThinServer for Win2003 :)

    In the meantime we can still check out ThinServer XP demo copy at :-
  15. Sergei

    Sergei Guest

    It is illegal to run Terminal Services on Windows XP.
    Windows XP allows you to have 1 remote connection at any given time.
    There are companies on the market which offer Terminal Servers on XP. They are actually breaking Microsoft EULA.
  16. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

  17. voip

    voip Guest

    XP for TS/TC

    Besides the M$ licensing agreement I could not imagine telling a client of mine to use XP in a terminal services role for a thin client deployment.

    I would consider XP Pro a weak server platform and would never serve out a business critical application on it.

    Win 2003 and the 2X solution however are proving to be a very robust, customizable and ideal solution in many different environments.

    Even in small business 2003 with TS Cals and 2X can be an affordable solution. Well worth the client's investment. XP server deployments on the other hand would probably just loose you more business than it's worth as you pick up the pieces from unstable server crashing and poor performance.

    This may be ok for playing in a home network but not business. I just thought I would mention this in the event some end user would read this thread and actually think it's a real option...
  18. netkepala

    netkepala Guest

    Try it 1st

    Thanks for the input but there's a saying "Don't knock it till you try it"

    XP can be very stable if you have a competent system engineer. Our uptime is 90 - 180 days

    Guess my company and srb123's company must be picking up the pieces after all our servers going down ( NOT! ) :roll:
  19. voip

    voip Guest

    Try it 1st

    We all have our targeted marketplaces. I glad to hear yours is working for you. My post was not meant to offend. My apologies if it did.
  20. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Bear in mind , the system requirements for ApplicationServer state Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Services.

    While you may currently have a working solution, 2X is only ever gonna test and support the recommended platforms. Therefore if a new version comes out and doesnt work with your solution, you are on your own, without support.

    Im glad your solution is workign for you , but bear in mind when implementing systems you should always consider, the 1 year, 3 year, 5 year plan

    Users become familiar with a working system and when it suddently doesnt work anymore or you cant add the new features due to lack of forward planning then it causes problems.

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