Utilizing multiple display types for VDI access to same template

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    I'm currently working on our test environment for my client that is switching away from Citrix for VDI.

    I've noticed that Parallels v18+ will not allow you to create multiple published resources to the same template. This is a problem for us since clients are used to Citrix Workspace's ability to stretch a window to multiple monitors and hit "Full Screen" in the drop-down toolbar which allows users to switch between "windowed" (one screen) and "full screen" (all screens) display types on the fly.

    My workaround in V17.1 is to create my published resource, and right-click "duplicate" the template. This allows me to provide users with a "Windowed" desktop and a "Full Screen" desktop option. However, you can't do this in V18.

    Has anyone else encountered similar challenges?
  2. Eugene. K.

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    Hi Ed, thanks for the feedback.
    This limitation was intentionally added to avoid possible issues with VDI Desktops published simultaneously as desktops and apps. I can give you an unofficial way to achieve what you want and test it. But, if anyone ever asks you who gave it to you, then I have nothing to do with it ;)

    Unlike RAS Console powershell has no such limitation and you can create a published VDI Desktop from the same template using PS:
    first, connect to your RAS farm:
    then create a new published VDI Desktop from the template:
    New-RASPubVDIDesktop "My VDI Desktop" -AllowMultiMonitor Enabled -ConnectTo SpecificRASTemplate -VDITemplateid 28
    to learn more about the New-RASPubVDIDesktop options please refer to help: get-help New-RASPubVDIDesktop

    Please let me know if it worked for you.

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