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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by fso, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. non-troppo

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  2. zyxxie

    zyxxie Bit poster

    optipoint 500 works no more with 4560

    new version seems to be nice, till i ran into this point: the connection of my "siemens optipoint 500" via usb causes parallels to crash - blue screen for xp and parallels is again booting win xp :mad:
    everything works fine with 4128, optipoint was completely supported. can anyone reports something similar to that?
  3. Hugh Watkins

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    did you reboot?

    there was no request to do it
    but it 4560 needs a mac OS reboot to become active

    then a Windows reboot after upating the tools

    Hugh W
  4. zyxxie

    zyxxie Bit poster

    should i be happy? it seems so.
    after rebooting mac os x, starting parallels with xp, shutdown xp, stop parallels, reboot os x and then did all again, it works... curious thing. hope, it will work from now without bsod.

    greetings, zyxxie

    mb, core duo, 2gb, osx 4.10
  5. Robster

    Robster Hunter

    Okay installed AGAIN.

    Rebooted my Mac.

    Booted XP, booted fine and installed new drivers, and restarted (after disabling application sharing in both directions) CRASH!!!!!!

    Ran Disk Util, no repairs necessary.

    Rebooted Mac again, this time XP has booted and has stayed there for 5 minutes, a minor miracle.

    I will monitor and see what happens.

  6. wldojnr

    wldojnr Bit poster

    Updater hangs/doesn't show any update

    I have a quick question: I read about the update, and went to download it by having Parallels "check for updates." The application just hangs with no progress shown on the progress bar (several times, once for ~20 minutes). Is this normal? Does it only provide feedback when there is a significant update? Maybe the servers are swamped, or maybe Parallels rolls out updates, letting early adopters download before letting the auto update realize an update is available?

    I am most likely going to wait before installing. I've only been running Parallels for a few weeks, and I don't have any compelling reason to update (and would hate to have to troubleshoot at this point). Everything is running fine for me with build 4128. Still, I am curious why the updater hangs, and enjoying learning about Parallels in general.

    Best wishes,

  7. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    you can download 4560 from here...
  8. Robster

    Robster Hunter

    Well not only have I managed to get it working BUT I also had an acknowledgement from Parallels with some suggested fix's.

    That is excellent support when the automatic response said 3 days and I had a response is a couple of hours.


  9. Jack Dumphy

    Jack Dumphy Member

    Good things come to those who wait ;-)

    btw: the new build works fine for me, but first I had to set the security to medium and switch off the "application-sharing".
    Before that I couldn't quit Parallels and start it again without slow down the complete OSx.
    Now it is possible as often as I want.
    Unfortunately the new build is still a gym for the CPU and the fan, but I am already very happy with this version.

    thank you !!
  10. Leonard

    Leonard Member

    Update went fine on mine as well. The video resolution did go wonky (looked like it went from OS Window to Coherence, but had the resolution all wrong) right after the Tools install, but resolved after the VM rebooted.

    I did uninstall Parallels Tools prior to the upgrade as several folks mentioned it. Is that really necessary? I did *not* have to reboot my Mac in order for the updated version to appear in About or Get Info.
  11. ebernet

    ebernet Product Expert

    Yes Robster, that is exactly what I did to get it to boot up in a stable manner. I have since emailed support and they have asked me for a crash log. Either way, it seems like this was poor QA (and now poor tech support) because this is a relatively easily reproducible and isolateable incident, and I am not happy that I needed to narrow it down for them - and they still won't just attempt it but require me to send in the crash logs....
  12. ebernet

    ebernet Product Expert

    What was your solution Robster? What did they tell you to try?
  13. macadam

    macadam Bit poster

    update lost activation key

    I just updated parallels to 4560, had no problems before, but after I updated I was prompted to give my activation key again. When I do it says it doesnt recognize it.

    Anyone else with this problem?
  14. jackybe67

    jackybe67 Pro

    Have the same problem. Did update via parallels help.
  15. w7ox

    w7ox Hunter

    No need here. Install automatically installed the new Tools.

  16. Robster

    Robster Hunter

    Please start Windows in Safe Mode and uninstall Parallels Tools.

    Start your virtual machine.
    As soon as Windows begins to load click inside Parallels window and
    start pressing F8 (Fn+F8 for Macbook).
    Choose safe mode.
    Wait for Windows to start, click Run - Control Panel - Add or remove
    programs. In the list of programs find Parallels Tools, click remove.
    Restart Windows.
    If New Hardware Wizard appears cancel it.
    Reinstall Parallels Tools (Actions menu - Install Parallels Tools).

    If crashes continue please send us txt log file from Mac OS - Library -
    Parallels - Bug reports. Attach it to the reply to this e-mail.

    This was the main part of the email I received.

    However I had managed to get it stable before the email arrived by a double reboot of my Mac and Disk Util permissions check (all okay).

    After all that it seemed to work okay!

  17. ebernet

    ebernet Product Expert

    I already did the uninstall of parallel tools in safe mode and a reinstall, and it still occurs. THis was before I even contacted them.
    I have sent them my crash log. We will see what they can figure out.
    Still, it should fauil gracefully, NOT crash Parallels.
  18. dlatkins

    dlatkins Junior Member


    I just upgraded to the latest 4560 release. When it booted into Windows XP, I was able to update the Parallels Tools, but after restarting, it crashes repeatedly as Windows is coming up. Several crashes happened as the "SmartSelect Update" dialog box was going through its paces, and now, it won't even get that far. Any ideas?:mad:
  19. ebernet

    ebernet Product Expert

    YEah, turn off the share mac applications feature until Parallels has a fix....
  20. dlatkins

    dlatkins Junior Member

    Add me to this list. Repeated crashes after successfully installing latest Parallels Tools. Seems to have crashed when running "SmartSelect Update" process. Once I went to the Configuration Editor, clicked on the Share Applications resource, and unchecked both "Share Windows applications to Mac" and "Share Mac applications to Windows", it will run without crashing.

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