vagrant-parallels: "hostonly" instead of "shared" for Adapter 0

Discussion in 'Parallels Provider for Vagrant' started by Peter29, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Dear Community,
    As I understood whatever happens, vagrant creates an adapter 0 for its internal usage. By default it will be a SHARED connection:
    ==> default: Preparing network interfaces based on configuration...
        default: Adapter 0: shared
        default: Adapter 1: bridged
    (adapter 1/bridge goes to a closed LAN.)
    It is OK, I can live with that.
    But I would like to have this as a HOST ONLY interface.
    I poked around config.rb @
    I think line nr 31 is responsible for this.
     network_adapter(0, :shared)
    I tried to change the behavior without luck. I get this if I set it to hostonly
    Network settings specified in your Vagrantfile are invalid:
    Network settings: {:auto_config=>true, :mac=>nil, :name=>nil, :nic_type=>nil, :type=>:static}
    Error: address family must be specified
    My question is: Is it possible to somehow tell vagrant/vagrant-parallels to create the adapter 0 as a HOST ONLY interface? How could I isolate the guest if I cant change this?


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