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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jimcoyle, Jun 11, 2007.

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    I purchased Parallels for the Mac on May 27th. My receipt says I purchased Parallels 3.0 and gave me an installation key. The download link at the time was for build 3188, which I now take it is NOT the real version 3.0.

    Tonight I downloaded the real version 3.0 and tried to use my old activation key and now Parallels doesn't work.

    Since I purchased it so recently, ostensibly I should receive a free upgrade and I expected that the new activation key would be sent to me. I kind of thought I would have received it by now, but haven't. Does anyone know if there's anything else I have to do to get Parallels 3.0 going?
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    I also bought Paralllels in May (as a download). I called the Parallels sales line yesterday and the message referred me to Element5 if it was a download rather than boxed product. I spoke to Element5 who said Parallels hadn't informed them how to handle these free upgrades. So I went back to Parallels and spoke to a person this time who said, yes I will be getting a free upgrade but to be patient for a couple of days as they are working through the list and sending out new activation keys by email.

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    Hello jimcoyle
    Where did you buy your Parallels?
    To get free 3.0 key try to contact to order-support group by e-mail
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    More on upgrade issues

    I bought Parallels directly through Parallels itself. I spoke to a very nice woman at Parallels today about my problem. Initially I had called Nova Development as to whether they were providing the upgrade keys even though I had supposedly bought my copy online via element5. Nova told me I had to call element5. I then called Parallels this morning and even though their outgoing message said that if you downloaded Parallels you should contact element5; so I spoke to a guy at element5 and he said he was sending me a link for the upgrade, and of course, the link was the SAME ONE I had tried at Nova Development!

    I then called back and spoke to the nice lady there who apologized for the situation and said it was likely I'd receive an email today from element5 which would have the new key. She said I should have it today and that if I didn't I should call back tomorrow.

    Well, it's now 7:49 Eastern Time and I still don't have my key.........

    Regardless of how nice the woman was, this upgrade is a huge example of bad communication.
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    What's their email address? If so, I've already tried that and have gotten no reply.
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