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    Problem: VDI VM numbering does not reset unless you delete your Template and all VMs created from it. This is annoying. I'm not sure why anyone would ever want the numbering to not reset.

    How things currently work:
    If i somehow did something where i get two VDI VMs based off a template named RDS-01 and RDS-03, then i do a create all VMs after a maintenance, it will create RDS-01 and RDS-03, RDS-02 does not exist in this scenario.

    How it should work:
    If i have an RDS-01 and RDS-03, when i recreate all VMs after maintenance, it SHOULD create RDS-01 and RDS-02. In this scenario RDS-02 did not exist before Maintenance and before the recreate all VMs. It wasn't being used, so why not use it? The lowest number should be used if its not in use. The numbering should not just continue on and on into infinity. Re-use unused numbers!
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    Hi Michael,
    Recreation keeps VM name and mac address.
    Upcoming release brings VM name reuse on deletion, e.g. you have RDS-01 and RDS-03, so any new created will take RDS-02 first (it is free it can be reused).
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