Very odd RDP bug - Full-screen mode breaks shift keys

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by StephenP13, May 31, 2021.

  1. StephenP13

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    I'm running Win10 Pro 21H1 in a Parallels 16 VM on a MacBook Pro running macOS 10.15.7.
    I use Win10 Remote Desktop app to connect to remote Windows systems over a VPN that's running in the Win10 VM.
    This issue has been happening for quite a while now over multiple versions of each part of the setup.
    • when the Remote Desktop app is not in full-screen mode the keyboard functions correctly
    • when the Remote Desktop app is in full-screen mode the keyboard's shift keys do not function. To type a capital letter I must hit the CapsLock key twice to engage caps lock (and twice again to disengage it).
    This is 100% completely reproducible for me. Is anyone else seeing this?
    P.S. I'm also asking Microsoft about this ... follow along if ya like!
  2. StephenP13

    StephenP13 Bit poster

    The Microsoft Store version of RDP does not have this bug.
  3. WolfgangR7

    WolfgangR7 Bit poster

    Hi, thanks a lot - this problem was driving me crazy, for months.
    I did not expect that anybody else had the same problem, thought that must be something genuine to my installation, because nobody else seemed to complain about this...
    Now I've downloaded the MS store version of RDP, and keyboard works fine in fullscreen mode :)
    (only the mouse pointer seems to have become a bit sluggish in this version of RDP client?)
    THANKS for sharing this!
    Cheers, Wolfgang
  4. MarkusB6

    MarkusB6 Bit poster

    BTW: Also this one should resolve the bug with the default RDP Client from Windows. At least for me it does resolve the issue.

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