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    My Boot Camp VM is suddenly confused as to what mode it is using. It's been working fine for weeks, now when it starts up it can't display the Windows XP desktop correctly.

    In OS Window mode, I can only see the lower left corner of the desktop. The OS X container window is not the correct size either - it looks like it's only showing a quarter of it. The title is cut off in the middle (it runs off the right side of the bar) and there are no VM control icons on the bottom of the window (they are off the screen.) I also cannot click any of the desktop icons that I can see (I have to shut down using keyboard shortcuts.)

    In Full screen mode, I get the Mac desktop resized (not stretched) and the lower left corner of the Windows desktop in the upper left corner of the screen.

    In Coherence mode, the Windows desktop doesn't show at all.

    How do I get the two synced up again? Running on a MBP 17" from last September (Core Duo, not the Core 2 Duo or Santa Rosa.)

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    same problem!

    I just now started experiencing the same problem.
    Everything worked fine yesterday, then today WinXP OR Win2000 (non-bootcamp) boot up into a window about 640x480, even though Windows' resolution is much higher.

    So I only see the bottom left corner of the Windoze desktop, BUT the mouse still *thinks* the window is large (it shows the "resize" pointer approx where the start bar *would* be if the window was the correct size, and turns into the Mac pointer only where the imaginary edge of the window would be)

    I'm running the 2.5 beta still (haven't had the time to buy the upgrade yet! sorry!)
    just upgraded it to 3214. Mac Mini Core Duo, Windoze seems to run just fine except for the resolution thing. Even tried reinstalling Parallels Tools (via the keyboard,while unable to see the Installer window!) but no change.
    Also, it does the same thing in full-screenmode too, just shows a smaller-sized area ofwindows in the top-leftof my screen,containg the bottom left part of the Windoze display.

    Any ideas, anyone?
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    Please try these solutions:

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