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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ChrisR30, Jun 3, 2023.

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    I need to be able to record both sides of VOIP calls.
    I use a peripheral (Focusrite) sound card and headset for such calls.
    The software I've used for years has been discontinued, so I've had to switch to another program that will only record from the mic feed.
    I'm trying to use VAC to mix in the feed to my headphones.
    Essentially, I need a Windows-side version of Loopback. Loopback works fine on the Mac side. But the recording software I have will only work in Windows, and it appears to be finicky about what it will accept on the mic feed. I have to fool it.
    Has anybody been able to do that? If so, how?
    The problem could be complicated by the way Parallels identifies the feeds. The intel-based virtual machines and Windows 10 identified the mic and speakers correctly (I'd see in- and -out feeds for the Focusrite). The ARM-based virtual machine only shows "high definition audio device," regardless of whether I set audio to default or the peripheral device in settings. As I recall, the Intel-based VM allowed for more specificity and flexibility, with several device options shown from within Windows.
    But the fundamental problem probably is that my audio never shows up as an option in the input feed window for VAC's audio repeater.
    It may be that there's another way to do this than using VAC. I'd welcome any suggestions.

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