Virtual Floppy Boot fails when guest VM is NTFS

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    Also another slight niggle.
    HOST SUSE 10.0, Guest Windows XP SP2.

    If I use a program like Partition Magic to re-size the virtual "C" drive it re-boots via irt's own "emulated floppy" image.

    The boot fails if my guest OS is NTFS.

    It's the same if I create a virtual floppy myself. In Native Windows these disks will read / write NTFS but I suspect there might be a problem with the "emulated DOS" in accessing NTFS.

    I've got round the problem by making a BARTPE + XPE emergency recovery CD with DRIVEIMAGE 2002, Partition Magic and Acronis true Image. This boots fine and allows me to run these programs against the Virtual disks.

    For info on BartPe (It's a type of Windows Live CD that runs entirely from a CD so you can recover stuff even if your OS hard disks are 100% totally hosed up -- and it's FREE - you have to have your own license of Windows however to create the CD) try this Link

    I've f completed my testing now and am EXTREMELY satisfied with this product - you've only got a few things to sort out which I believe is already scheduled for the next release such as more than 1 Virtual Network adapters.

    However PLEASE can you look at the Screen Resolution problens - notibly 1280 X 1024 and 1280 X 768 so Windowed mode works OK on a 17 inch monitor and a wide screen laptop.


  2. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Dynamic screen resolution feature will added to next release of Win/Lin version. It is already implemented of OS X version.

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