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  1. Feartjeh


    Hello fellow Parrallels Users,

    I'm looking for a fix to allow the program Themida to work under Parallels Desktop Build 7.0.15055.
    When I start the game it shows me this: [Themida] sorry, this application doesn't support a virtual machine.

    I already contacted the developers of MapleStory, Nexon, and ask them whether they know a solution game client wise.
    Maybe there is also a way to fix something like this Parallels wise.

    What is themida?
  2. Paul987


    I found a workaround for this. I just changed a registry setting and got it to work. I posted the info on BasilMarket's forum. You can google "How I got Ms to work on Mac in Parallels" and it should pop up.
  3. CokaColaMaster


    Please Post the fix on this thread

    Paul can you post the fix in this thread? Basil Market is showing up blank and must be down and I can't get the fix.


  4. AntonAy



    Here is suggested workaround for Windows XP:

    We made two files, you may find them in here:

    Use them as follows:

    1. Double-click on maplestory.reg - this applies suggested workaround and you will be able to play MapleStory until next reboot. Then you have to launch this file again; or else

    2. You may place maplestory.reg on c:\ drive and place ms.bat (also in attached archive) in your Startup folder. To find Startup folder please go to Start menu -> All programs -> Startup -> right-click on it and choose "Open". Paste ms.bat here and reboot your Virtual Machine. If maplestory.reg is in the c:\ folder you will be able to play MapleStory without applying any changes even after reboot.

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