Virtual MacOS 10.12 Sierra (guest) in MacOS 10.12 Sierra (host).

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by TomyP, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. TomyP

    TomyP Bit Poster

    Hi everyone,

    Before to buy Parallels 12 for Mac, I would like to know if it is possible to make a virtual MacOS 10.12 Sierra (guest) in a host MacOS 10.12 Sierra ?

    Thanks for your answers everyone.
  2. TomyP

    TomyP Bit Poster

    I tried the trial version of Parallels 12 and I was able to create a macOS Sierra guest machine.
  3. Swati@Parallels

    Swati@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hello TomyP. Yes, it is possible to run MacOS 10.12 Sierra as a guest machine or virtual machine in a host MacOS 10.12 Sierra. Please let us know if you have any query.
  4. MrD

    MrD Bit Poster

    TomyP, I've recently upgraded to MacOS 10.12 Sierra using host and ran PixlRec app - it worked fine and so will Parallels 12. Go for it :)
  5. Ajith@Parallels

    Ajith@Parallels Parallels Support

    We are glad to hear that. Feel free to reach us anytime for support.
  6. KevinB7

    KevinB7 Bit Poster

    Yes you can BUT see caveats below (most are stupid and require Parallels to get off their collective backsides and do something):
    1. Default disk size is 67Gb
    2. You can change the disk size, however you CANNOT change the partition size in Parallels even at create time (stupid? Yes...)
    3. So you can have 1Tb allocated disk space, you still get a 67Gb partition
    4. To change the partition size you need a hack to convert HFS+ partition to coreStorage, diskutil size change, convert back to HFS+
    5. You can try everything within Parallels to change the partition size, but will end up with the Parallels KB article and support? advising it cannot be done within Parallels
    6. There is currently an issue with Sierra Guest VM randomly freezing, Parallels have not responded to the forum posts, it's not isolated to one person
    7. So far the system seem to unfreeze, but it is random, disruptive and freezes at times for several minutes
    8. Coherence doesn't work with macOS VM (as far as I can work out)
    9. There are issues that make the Sierra VM unworkably slow, mine was like that, but I fiddled (not sure what I did, but do remember adding 8Gb RAM to the VM)
    10. Parallels DO NOT know what is going on, here's two lots of contradictory advice from Parallels support:
      1. Do not exceed the recommended number of CPUs or RAM
      2. Give the VM half the Physical RAM and half the Physical CPUs
    When working and not freezing, Parallels with a Sierra Host and a Sierra Guest seems to work very well. The tech support to address significant usability issues in a timely manner just isn't there. Parallels support is seriously lacking in this regard. It has been noted that the best advertisement for VMware Fusion is Parallels support and yes, Fusion does run a Sierra guest with a Sierra Host and it does allow you to resize the guest partition on startup.
  7. ylon

    ylon Bit Poster

    I can no longer install Sierra (10.12.5) on Parallels 12 (Version 12.2.0 (41591)). When I use an iso image or the ESD I get the following screen:

    I made the ISO after this manner:
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  8. PaulChris@Parallels

    PaulChris@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi @ylon, we are unable to see the screenshot attached in this thread. please help us with the screenshot in the .jpg format of the error message, we will check and assist you further.
  9. ylon

    ylon Bit Poster

    @PaulChris@Parallels odd, you should have seen the image just fine. You can decide whether to reply here or in the other thread wherever you feel is more appropriate. I figured that perhaps I should split it out into a new topic since it was kind of not the exact same issue as this one, but it's your choice. Here's an link:
  10. RohanK1

    RohanK1 Bit Poster

    All the apps working fine here 3ds emulator is working superb in parallels. Thanks

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