virtual Mojave - <Command><`> doesn't switch windows

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RichardRahl, Jan 11, 2021.

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    I bought Parallels to run a virtualized Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 so I could continue to run 32-bit programs on my MacBook Pro with Big Sur. One minor problem I'm having is that pressing <Command><`> doesn't cycle through a program's windows within Parallels. Instead, it cycles between virtual machines that I have open. Is there a way to tell Parallels to only use <Command><`> in the program (or Finder) currently active in the virtual Mojave OS, rather than cycling through its own windows in Mac OS Big Sur? While this is just an inconvenience, requiring me to always select different windows from the Windows menu or the active program, it's still a feature I would be grateful to be able to use in Parallels. Everything else works properly, like <Command><Q> only quits the active program in Mojave (instead of quitting Parallels), and <Command><W> closes the frontmost window in the active program in Mojave (instead of closing the entire virtual Mojave window). And I figured out how to make <Command><Tab> work outside of Mojave so it switches between Parallels and other programs in Big Sur. I just can't get <Command><`> to work properly within Mojave. Thanks!

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