Virtual Windows won't read external drives

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Andy T, Feb 23, 2010.

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    Hi, Im new here and would appreciate some help. I had Parallels 4 on my Mac and used virtual windows XP, which worked fine for quite a while until I accidentally deleted windows (stupid me) and after I reinstalled it, windows won't read large external drives (150 gb+). Everything else seems to work okay and it reads smaller USB drives okay (2-4gb). After playing with a lot of settings that made no difference, I decided to upgrade to Parallels 5, which also made no difference.

    In windows full screen mode when I connect a large external drive I don't get an option of using it my virtual machine or Mac. It doesn't register that it is there in Windows and there is no icon in the tray to safely remove it or does it register in Windows Explorer.

    When I connect a small USB drive everything works fine in windows and I get the option of virtual machine or Mac and I can see it in Windows Explorer.

    When I switch to coherence mode the drive is visible on the Mac desktop. It appears that the larger drives are bypassing windows. I haven't ticked the 'remember this association' box in the virtual/Mac option (I have 3 large external drives and they are all the same). Sorry this is so long, hope someone can help.


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