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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by ronaldbegg, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. ronaldbegg


    Hi All.

    Can anyone throw some light on a disappointing problem relating to Vista. With the old RC1 version, during it's late use, I started to have severe problems with Vista hanging on boot up. The green dots on loading would just cease part way through boot up. In earlier use of RC1, THIS NEVER TOOK PLACE ONCE!! Initially I was using build 1490 (hope this number sequence is correct)

    Now having just loaded up a copy of Vista Home Basic using the next beta release to 1490, the exact same thing is taking place. Initially it loaded up perfectly, then following applying three updates to Vista, it would not boot up! Tried a start in Safe Mode etc, etc.

    Now I am getting a bit suspicious. I can't believe the issue is related to Vista, but is it Parallels, or my OS X???? Dump Prefs in Parallels....??? Whats going on??

    Maybe the latest beta, just released will do the trick. Could anyone explain this odd behaviour? My XP installation has never done this. All very puzzling.
  2. jmizoguchi


    I installed vista home basic on3120 RC1 and it hang up after the windows update. In the middle of the boot at black screen.. stoped.. To fix this, Boot with vista CD and did repair. it fixed the issue. I only had one incident and haven't any boot issue. I did windows update after fix the issue and seems to work fine on 3120 or 3150 beta.

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