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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by itayleib, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. itayleib

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    i've installed parallels build 4124, using my boot camp (working) vista partition.
    when i try to run it through parallels, it boots ok, vista starts, but then it halts almost immediately - nothing responses, neither the mouse nor the keyboard (the loading logo as well). furthermore, the fans start working like crazy and never stop untill i force the VM to quit.

    anybody has any idea?

  2. drkollossus

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    So are you getting to the login screen? I had a problem where it would get to the login screen then seem to freeze. Thing was I could still see the cursor blinking in the password field. So i Forced the USB Keyboard and mouse from the devices menu. It waned me that They would become inaccessible in osx, but i did it anyway. Since then no problem.
  3. bobk

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    I just get the press the ctrl/alt/delete screen, which I can't do unless I am using the external usb keyboard. In reading the posts, it really looks like there is a usb problem. Get this...I just went into boot camp without the keyboard and I get the incorrect letters as I type on the mbpro. Seems like I will need to do some re-installing of Parallels, XP and OSX. I wish I had not upgraded as I was happy as a clam doing GIS work on the PC side without having to restart. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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