Vista RTM experiences?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by kshusker, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Lenny

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    Do you have a solution fixing the time synchronization problem with Vista and VM?

  2. sud0n1m

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    Vista RTM on Parallels 1970 w/ only Outlook 2007 running is slow as molasses and sucks up between 60 - 100% cpu usage according to the Activity Monitor in OSX. It runs significantly slower than WIndows XP, and I am seriously considering not using it until parallels figures out how to make it more responsive.
  3. Jim Hollcraft

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    Build 3036 Beta, Vista RTM Business

    Using Vista RTM Business with Parallels build 3036 -- New features like Coherence and Video auto-resizing don't appear to work even after removing and reinstalling Parallels Tools. In the VM, Office 2007 with Outlook to Exchange seem to work very quickly on my 2.33Mhz MacBook Pro. I have 2GB of memory with 512MB assigned to the VM.

    Anyone have suggestions on getting the new features in 3036 to work with Vista? I'd live to try them.
  4. palter

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    Parallels said they don't work in Vista yet. Wait for Parallels to make them work.

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