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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mike3k, Jun 20, 2007.

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    I'm starting to get very frustrated with PD 3.0. I have two VMs in my folder, Ubuntu and Windows. Double-clicking the Parallels application opens Ubuntu, and if I choose Open, the chooser window only lists Ubuntu, not my Windows VM. Yet I can open the Windows VM by double-clicking the pvs file from the finder. If I select it with the Choose button in the vm list window, I'll get an alert saying VM "Windows XP" already exists and prompting me to rename it. No matter what I enter, it will still show the same alert. The next time I open that VM from the finder, it will be renamed to Windows XP 1.

    Also I *REALLY* hate the change in 3.0 where the VM will start running as soon as I open it and Parallels will quit as soon as it shuts down. If I deselect those options in the VM settings, it should obey my settings.

    I have deleted the com.parallels.*.plist files in ~/Library/Preferences and I still have the same problem. Also, an alias to C appears in Windows Disks but it's empty.
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    Open the Terminal (located in >Applications>Utilities) and type "rm ~/Documents/.parallels-vm-directory/Windows\ XP". Then the next time you open the Windows XP VM it should be added as Windows XP instead of Windows XP 1.

    In case you don't already know, one way around this is to hold down the command button when you open the VM, although it still can't be turned off by default which is annoying.

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