VM for Windows10 x64 starts with black screen after application was not responding

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by MichaelN10, May 7, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm using Parallels desktop for Windows since version 12. Currently I'm using the latest version of release 15 since Now.2019 almost every day.
    When I started this morning Parallels to open the well-known IrfanView program (to edit photos/scans) in my Windows10 x64 VM it got stuck (not responding).
    I was waiting for about two minutes before I tried to close the program, which was not possible.
    Next I tried to open the Task Manager to kill the process, but the VM was not responding.
    As a last possibility I saw to close the Parallels Desktop and to start Parallels Desktop once again.
    When I did I recognised that Parallels desktop had not shutdown, but was only gone to sleep modus.
    When I started it up I just came into the same situation with the open IrfanView windows saying 'application not responding'.
    I closed Parallels desktop once again.
    After I did that and I try to open Parallels desktop I just get a black screen.

    What can I do ?

    Any help appreciated as I need the VM of Windows10 x64 for my work.

    Thanks in advance to everyone trying to help me.
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    I bought for 50€ an one year upgrade from Parallels Desktop to its Pro version, which delivered me the rights for telephonic support.

    That was the solution we worked out:
    - disable the 'fast-start' option in the Power options of Windows 10, it's a quite hidden option, so it took me some time to find it
    - when the parallels desktop is started-up with just a visible black screen, select 'action' --> 'reset' from the pull-down menu at the top of the screen. This resets the Windows update process, which was got stuck in the background. Afterwards Windows shuts down performing the downloaded update and restarts. From now on everything was fine.

    It's a pity that I had to spent the money, just to get support for the product, but as I mentioned I need the VM for my work, so I had no other option and spending 50€ for one year support is for sure better than a one instance payment of 30€.
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    Here the explanation how to manipulate to the quite hidden 'fast-start' option in the power settings of Windows10.
    - Type in the 'search window --> magnifying glass' of Windows 10, click on it.
    - On the right-hand side, choose from 'View by' --> small icons
    - Now choose from the 3rd column in the middle 'Power options'
    - From the 'Parallels' power plan select on the left hand-side 'Choose what the power buttons do'
    - Here you have to turn-off the option 'turn on fast start-up (recommended)', if it is greyed-out first enable 'Change settings that are currently unavailable'
    That's it.

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