VM using 52 GB on host, while guest reports 20 GB used

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by XavierN1, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. XavierN1

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    I have a MacOS Big Sure beta VM under Parallels Desktop Version 16.0.1 (48919).
    The corresponding .pvm file is 52.19 GB, and Parallels report a 'Hard Disks' size of exactly the same (I removed all snapshots).
    But the guest OS reports 20.37 GB used. How can I reduce the size of the .pvm file?

    The current usage for the guest OS was not always that low. When I was downloading the last update, the usage was probably much bigger (although I don't think it ever went above 35 GB). I did use snapshots, but removed them. After the install of the update, and cleaning as much as possible the guest OS, I would really want the .pvm file to shrink, so that it doesn't waste that much space on my HD.
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    This implies the visitor removes from the host:
    As much memory as it was proclaimed with
    Each VM is likewise a VirtualBox executable, so you have to include its memory.
    It's consistently conceivable that the VirtualBox manual is a few forms behind, and that the most recent memory improvements procedure are not reported.
    Also, VirtualBox might be advancing memory use by not allotting the whole characterized VM memory.
    Allotting memory as required is an advancement that can spare a ton on physical memory, yet memory-serious cycles in the VM might be eased back somewhere around the regular need by VirtualBox to demand more host memory.
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  4. XavierN1

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    Note that the VM was shutdown when HD usage was recorded. And as all snapshots have been removed, the HD usage can not come from RAM used by the VM. I suspect that Parallels didn't clear the snapshots, that multiple copies of the same virtual disk content are still stored...
  5. Maria@Parallels

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    Did you try this solution?
  6. XavierN1

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    I didn't know the Parallels Toolbox, so thanks for the link. I already cleaned my disk using the tools provided by macOS and, at this very moment, the disk in my VM has "40.78 GB available of 68.38 GB". So there is only 28 GB used, and there is nothing left to clean.
    Yet, the pvm file uses 60.94 GB, including 52.19 GB for a single snapshot that uses only 28 GB of storage... This doesn't really make sense.
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  8. HonzaIl

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    Upgrade to latext PD16.10 and trim should work. After upgrade from 16.01 to 16.10 my pvm shrunk by 20+Gb since the trim started to work.
  9. Axel_Luttgens

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    Yes, with the just issued version 16.1.0, PD correctly handles disk space reclaiming again.

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