VM version of Mojave running Quicken 2007

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    Following the guidance posted by Glenn Fleishman (https://tidbits.com/2019/09/18/moving-to-catalina-keep-your-32-bit-mac-apps-running-with-parallels/) in created a VM and installed Mojave. After installing Parallels Toolbox, I was able to copy the Quicken 2007 app from my current Mojave system applications folder into the Mojave guest version applications folder. I was unable to find my host version of the Quicken preferences file that Glenn mentions at the link he wrote about (or anywhere when looking for searching).
    I went ahead and started the Quicken app in the Mojave guest, it loaded and asked for the location of the data file. I navigated to it via the Shared Folders, but Quicken won't open it.
    I copied the data file into the Documents folder in the guest, same thing.
    Need some suggestions.

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