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    I am using Parallels Desktop. I am running it on a Mac with Yosemite installed. The guest OS is Win7 Pro. I cannot install Access from within the VM, but it is installed and running on my Mac. I have an iPad Air running iOS 9 as a client. Parallels on the Mac is up and running while successfully logged in. Now when I try to access my computer, it first shows me that the Mac is available while Windows is not. I expect this. I have a dual boot BOOTCAMP partition with the Mac OS currently booted. I then can find myself with the app launching screen after I have picked the Mac. I touch an app and then there is that busy symbol that rotates on my screen. At this point, nothing happens. The Access client on my iPad hangs there. On another try, I instead have it reveal the apps running on the Mac, and then select a screen from there. I see that the iPad client accurately depicts what is running on the Mac. I then touch the Finder screen after which the client hang there, just as like last time.

    So it seems that I can access the Mac, but it hangs on me before opening up the screen for the desktop. In the past, I had no problems with this. But this was before I started to use Parallels Desktop and with a VM running in the background. Perhaps this is the problem? I would think that both product by Parallels would play nice with each other.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Bob Graham
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    Please follow this article to access the virtual machine through Parallels Access and please let us know the exact steps mentioned in the article when the issue persists so that we can assist you accordingly.

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