VMware Provider and Account Settings

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by ThomasH83, Sep 19, 2023.

  1. ThomasH83

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    Is there a list of needed security setting for the Account connecting to the vcenter from the Parallels Provider?
    I don't want to give that account full access
  2. ChristianH32

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    i think, it should be possible to limit access for this user. We have had the same discussion with our VMWARE Team and tried to limit permissions for this provider account and its working.
    the only thing i have at the moment is one error message in RAS:
    Failed to query guest 'vm-387855' NIC ip config [guest/net/ipConfig] from '
    but if you enter vmware with affected account, we see the ip adress in console. expect this error message everthing seems to work with a delegated account instead of vmware admin.
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  3. MichaelD52

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    There's an article linked at the bottom of this article, when I go to it it says "access denied" but I definitely looked at Parallels documentation to set that up. I can't find anywhere the list of required permissions. What are the supported VDI Providers? (parallels.com)

    Here is a list of the permissions that my VDI provider user is assigned in vcenter:

    • Allocate space
    • Browse datastore
    • Low level file operations
    • Manage custom attributes
    • Set custom attribute
    vSphere Tagging
    • Assign or Unassign vSphere Tag on Object
    • Assign network
    • Assign virtual machine to resource pool
    Virtual machine
    Change Configuration
    • Add existing disk
    • Add new disk
    • Add or remove device
    • Advanced configuration
    • Change CPU count
    • Change Memory
    • Change Settings
    • Remove disk
    • Edit Inventory
    • Create from existing
    • Create new
    • Remove
    • Power off
    • Power on
    • Reset
    • Suspend
    • Clone template
    • Clone virtual machine
    • Create template from virtual machine
    • Deploy template
    • Mark as template
    • Mark as virtual machine
    Snapshot management
    • Create snapshot
    • Remove snapshot

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