VPN/2x Works from office but not at home.

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for iOS' started by stpsormd, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. stpsormd


    Yesterday I setup VPN access (IPSec through Watchguard firewall) on my iPad and successfully connected to several computers throughout the network using the 2x clients RDP option - all from my office (though no direct network connection of course).

    When I arrived home, I immediately attempted to connect to my work network and was unsuccessful. The VPN connected immediately but when attempting to access a computer on the network, it simply remained in the "connecting" mode for a long time before timing out.

    Recap (or short version):
    -My iPad is the latest model (purchased days ago) with the most current iOS updates.
    -My Watchguard firewall and VPN management hardware is also fully up-to-date.
    -I have confirmed that both the VPN and 2x RDP client work over the internet both at work and public access.
    -I cannot connect from my home that has Uverse internet.

    Can it have something to do with it being Uverse instead of regular DSL? Could it be a port problem in the 2wire modem at my house (if so, which ports does 2x RDP require to connect)? Any other ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. andrews8


    Thanks for posting in the 2X Forums.

    Please ensure your 2X Client on the mobile device can connect to the RDP remote computer over TCP port 3389, and that any firewall has this device and the device's network excepted in firewall rules. At present we are not aware of any issues where using a VPN connection would prevent connection to a remote RDP server.

    Thanks and let us know if you have any further questions.
  3. stpsormd


    I can use the 2x RDP client through the VPN; I've done so successfully both from my office and at local coffee shops. The only place I cannot seem to connect through 2x RDP is at my house, which again uses Uverse.

    What I'll do today when I get home is verify that my home router isn't blocking 3389 for some reason; perhaps that could be the problem.

    Thank you for your response.
  4. Spiro1


    I am having the same problem. I can connect on other wifi, but when I get home I can't connect
    I am using sonic wall for VPN it connects right away. I can connect with my laptop with no problems but my iPad or iPhone neither will connect. This the error message I get.
  5. dinaafifi1


    I personally tried this VPN software https://www.iwasel.com/en/ to access blocked sites at my work. It works the best for me after trying many of vpn softwares.
  6. adilmalick


    if any one of you using IOS 9 then yes ! you have to face some sort of issues, i don't know the actual technical fact of it but i still facing this issue from the date when i update my ipad from IOS8 to IOS9. if any one of you know the solution than please share the link.

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