VPN Problem after updating to Parallels 7.0.15104

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Eddie_SDHC, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Eddie_SDHC

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    Hello Everybody

    Our company uses Macbook air with parallels using windows 7 as the Guest OS. These are used by the Company supervisors.

    The MacBooks are configured to use the Internal Wifi and VPN (for offsite use or company guest network)

    Prior to the update everything worked fine. One can login through the domain controller and access the shared network drives. When Parallels updated to ver. 7.0.15104 Windows 7 would not be able authenticate to the domain controller and not even access the network drives when using VPN, but if I use the internal Wifi it does connect the network drives. The Macbook Air Host OS can connect to our servers and shared folders either wifi and VPN as well our HP laptops so our VPN server is not the problem.

    2 of our supervisors were affected by this at the same day.

    Today our CIO updated his parallels and he confirmed that he cannot connect through VPN as well.

    Will I require do downgrade Parallels?

    Please advise.

    Thank You

  2. bobm

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    I have a similar issue, I get an initial VPN connection but then 20 minutes later the network goes away, if I let the VM just sit there it comes eventually comes back but then will repeat the drop a couple hours later.

    This is not fixed in the latest version '15106' for me at least and I'm looking around for a pre-15104 version.
  3. Eddie_SDHC

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    Found Workaround for this Issue

    Thanks for the reply.

    One of our site consultants whose experts in MAC found out that the guest OS was using COX DNS Server instead of the Company VPN.

    Once I set the Static DNS IP on the Guest OS I was able to connect to the Company Domain Controller.

    Seems that the update broke the NAT, at least on the Parallels Shared Network connections.

    Interesting that our CIO's Mac was able to connect fine once he restarted it.

    From This I can tell that this had to do with the Parallels update.

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