WDDM 1.1 compliant drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bthubbard, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. bthubbard



    I've been using Parallels 6 on my MacBook Air since April to host a Windows 7 VM I use to do a bit of development. I've been quite happy with it until yesterday. I tried to load the Windows Phone 7 emulator but it refused to launch on my VM. A few other people were complaining about the issue and had traced it back to the display drivers not being WDDM 1.1 compliant.

    Sure enough, if I fire up Start > Run > dxdiag then go over to the display tab and check the WDDM field on the VM the value is only 1.0. Are there any plans on upgrading the Parallels Display Adapter to WDDM 1.1?

    With the exception of this issue the Air with Parallels 6 has been great.

    For the record I'm running a MacBook Air bought in April (October 2010 rev I guess?) with Lion, Parallels 6.0.12094 with a fully patched Win7 VM.

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