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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by danmetivier, Apr 1, 2011.

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    I've got a 2X Web Portal configuration that allows users with the client installed on their local machine to access the applist and launch documents, etc., but I have a number of folks who do not have admin privileges on their machine to get the client installed in the first place. I know there is a java client but there's a dearth of documentation on how to deploy it. Isn't there also a way to have a applet run the client right within the browser?

    Any help at all is much appreciated!


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  3. danmetivier

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    Thank you for the response. Unfortunately not all users are part of the Domain. I am attempting to serve an application to users who have no administrative rights on a computer, just access to the internet - such as a public library.

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    to Install an msi you should have administrative rights on the machine,in web-portal you can set silent install for users with limited access.

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    It is true admin rights are required to install from an MSI, however the appeal of the 2XApplication Server is that a zero-footprint client is available - ostensibly.

    Some of my clients are members of Fortune 500 companies, and these organizations often have quite draconian IT policies. As such, the users do not have admin rights on their machine, and it is highly unlikely that I could lobby the organizations to have software, such as the 2X client, become part of the approved canon of software, particularly within any reasonable amount of time. If I could do something like that, it would completely negate my need for 2X and terminal services.

    From what I understand from 2X support, a few issues pertaining to a zero-footprint client within the web portal have been identified by the development team. I was issued a support ticket almost two weeks ago. I am hopeful a resolution can be made in the very near future.


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