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    Hello and welcome to the Official Parallels Forum! This forum is an open community in which you can learn more about virtualization and Parallels products, get help with any technical issues you might have, and share your thoughts and opinions about virtualization and technology in general.

    I hope that you find this forum as useful as I do. Below, you'll find a few email links that will put you in directly in touch with Parallels staff in case you can't find what you're looking for here.

    Have a technical question that isn't answered on the forum? Email Parallels Support at support@parallels.com.

    Interested in becoming a Parallels reseller, distributor or OEM partner? Email the Sales Team at partners@parallels.com.

    Need to report a user for not following the rules (see "Forum Rules & Handy Advice") or have a general question about the company or our products? Email me at brudolph@parallels.com.

    Enjoy and happy posting!
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