What determines Connection Quality?

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    I am an end user trying to troubleshoot frequent momentary session drops. I do not have access to any settings, logs, dashboards or other monitors on the server side and need to rule out any possible issues client side.

    Internally I have an end to end gigabit lan with 10G fiber backbones to the root switch, with a couple of minor outlying switches connected with 1G fiber backbones. The vast majority of switches are Ubiquity US-48s, with a couple Ubiquiti US-24s and a lone HP Aruba. Connection to the outside is via 200x200 symmetrical fiber, with SonicWall 2600 NSa appliances at my border. Connectivity speeds (via speedtest) are consistently measured around 190 Mbps. Per the session information, the RAS gateway is running 16.2 (19039)

    RAS sessions are most commonly showing a "Fair" connection quality, 30-35 ms latency. Bandwidth displays 1Mbps. Since I am only running client side I do not have any monitoring or logging tools beyond Windows error events or wireshark.

    What determines if the connection quality is "Poor," "Fair," or "Good"?

    Is there anything I can do on my end to improve this or is it 100% server side?

    Are there any known issues that could easily be spotted in a wireshark trace that might indicate what is causing these blips?
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