What happens to virtual machine if iMac is wiped and reset

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by EKayeW, Nov 17, 2023.

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    I tried to change my password on the iMac this afternoon (big mistake, long day and I'm tired). I wrote down the new password which was confirmed -- at least I thought I it was. However it doesn't work and and no matter the changes I've tried, it doesn't work. There are a couple of things that happened that make me wonder if I used the new password I typed in or the computer generated, random digit/number password that it suggested. I plan to go to Apple next, to find out what, if anything I can do now. But wanted to get some info here first. I'm hoping the computer will not have to be re-formatted. Question is--what happens to everything in the Virtual Machine (that might not be backed up)? Most of the really important stuff is in OneDrive and Time Machine and iCloud, so I think I'm OK there. But if anything is not backed up, is it gone? Don't know how this happened, I've changed passwords dozens of times, or more, without problems.

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