what is the hello user in our RASLogs

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    who knows what is the hello user in our gateway logs. we do not have any hello user in our Active Directory but there are lots of log that shows hello user make a successful logon in our RAS Server.

    User hello, Address X.X.X.X:56858 connected to server X.X.X.X:3389

    thank you in adv
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    Hi @ParallelsU191
    This entries in the log means that your environment is being under attack on port which is utilized by RAS Gateway. First of all please don't worry as there are actually no succesful connections to your terminal servers. This entry means that there is a successful connection on RAS Gateway port. Such attacks are mostly targeted not to compromise the environment, but disrupt the gateway performance instead.
    In order to prevent RAS Gateway from listening for native RDP connections established over RAS Gateway port I would recommend to disable Tunneling Policies feature that is designed to balance native RDP connections if those are established specifically over gateway port.
    To do so please open Remote Application Server Console and navigate to Farm - Gateways - Switch to Tunneling Policies tab - Right-click <Default> policy and select Properties - In opened window select None option in the bottom of the window - then click OK - after window will close click Apply button in bottom left corner of RAS Console to commit chnges. (please refer to attached screenshot for reference)

    With this setting set RAS Gateway will not interfere with standard RDP connections that were established over Gateway port. However please note: this will only prevent RAS Gateway from accepting incoming RDP connections established over Gateway port, but it will not prevent attempts to compromise the environment so please consider advanced security measures.

    Let me know should you have any questions or would like to discuss something.

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