What??? Parallels LOST my Virtual Machine

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by PerpendicuIars, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. ptd-mac

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    Is the Parallels team at holiday??
  2. TomF7

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    Add me to this list. Purchased after trial and asked me to reinstall - the VM was missing. Followed all the instructions on this forum. Found the old VM in the trash! I restored but the file was corrupted. Have to start again. What a terrible service and issue. Clearly not fixed for several software generations (V15 used here). Parallels team - why aren't you fixing this critical issue?
  3. TomF7

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    I managed to restore the corrupt file by unloading and reloading parallels but the VM was wiped by the parallels software. Clearly an important issue

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  4. Hi, what is the size of your VM?
  5. Did you perform the steps from the warning box?
  6. BrianC20

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    Just ran in to this.
    1) I double clicked the pvm file like the first page says, this gave me a different error, config.pvs is missing.
    2) Inspecting the .pvm and it looked fine but no .pvs
    3) Created a new virtual machine using the CD option, then clicking "Continue without a source" (installation media) in the bottom left hand corner, selected Windows 10 as the type
    4) Pain in the butt to shutdown because BIOS doesn't respond to ACPI shutdown, must use "STOP" command
    5) Added the harddisk.hdd from my previous working pvm, easy, booted up fine again.
    This happened to me while I was running a backup overnight from the Windows machine, I found it in the ? (question mark) state in the middle of the screen in the morning. Not sure how this could happen, I don't think my computer restarted, all my apps were still open and I have a terminal window running a task that can't be killed by updates. This is a first time for me.

    I also found out that Parallels is scanning my USB drive constantly (Along with Spotlight, Cortana, Windows Defender, etc, all of these are a pain to turn off and make my machine run at 100% CPU constantly). Maybe this should go on a separate thread, Parallels Coherence Mode is also extremely slow with multiple monitors plugged in. I don't think I will pay for this product again.
  7. Hi, could you collect the tech report right after the issue reproduced please? And post the report's ID here.
  8. BrianC20

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    I definitely will not. Take it or leave it. I'm done.
  9. DaviS1

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    Same here, after last update, frustrating. Lost my Mac VM.
    All files was there, it says that are no harddisk, but is there. I beleave the process of VMs files update when Parallels take to long to 1st start after upgrade version, with no visual progress, mess the things around. If don't have back-up, sorry, lost forever.
  10. mmika

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    "it says that are no harddisk, but is there."
    Check permission to VM bundle and files within.
    Or better try to start tVM and send technical report to Parallels (https://kb.parallels.com/9058).
    Share its Report Id here.
  11. KorayU

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    Add me to the list. I was trying to prepare my report for my phd thesis. All the data and my complete work was under paralells. Today in the morning I saw that pvm is missing. 50gb has vanished. Now thinking of buying new laptop and will never use mac and paralels again. Trust is gone you should have pay us back but this will not cover a 50gb of work completed in one year. At the end paralels is completely rubbish. Please tell beforehand that this pvm is amissable and who will bring back my complete work back?

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