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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by theMacMan, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. theMacMan

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    I have beta5. When the final release comes out, what will we have to do? re-install Parallels and the guest, or just simply update parallels. No time to keep re-installing windows. B5 was my first so I have no prior experience with upgrading this software.

  2. constant

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    If past form is an indicator, then you will be able to do a simple upgrade of Parallels without the need to re-install Windohs.
  3. BenInBlack

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    Ok, I just went from Beta version 3 to version 6 and it just was a simple upgrade during install.
    there is no loss of operating system. The only I have noticed i need to do is unintall the parellel tools from windows and then reboot and reinstall them from the VM menu after the operating system has restarted. Now this may be only because i made such a leap in versions. im not quite sure why when i purchase the pre-release the link they gave me was for Beta 3, but i am up on 6 and am very happy with it
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    Upgrade Question


    I am almost certainly going to order a full version of your software, I much prefer it to the idea of reboot, whilst It has some stability issues right now - I'm sure you're all working your socks off to make this product even better.

    My question: For the $40 we get the download, what is the current plan regarding update etc after the iniital purchase ? Do we like get all .x revisions as they come included in the price ? Will we get a discount on any x.0 versions when they are released, you know as current customers ?

    Thanks for any assitance.

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