What's New/What's Fixed in Beta4 (comments)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. dscottbuch


    Thanks so much, I can pipe again :D :D
  2. pjpj



    Should I be able to use bluetooth from inside the VM? I am on a Mac Pro . . when I go to control and look for the bluetooth device, there is nothing there. Is it because it is not seeing the internal blue tooth? I have XP SP Two . . .

    The big issue for me is how I can sync my palm with Outlook. As far as I know, the VM still does not see USB, is that true? I thought I could work around with bluetooth, but so far, no luck.

  3. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers


    USB support will be introduced prior to release.
  4. bigman


    The same for me. Even would buy an extra package for the shelf ...
  5. Tommo_UK


    I'll add to that.. as soon as PW supports my 20" iMac display properly, I'll put the money down immediately. Basically I want the video to be as versatile as Virtual PC was on my G5 Mac.

    Better still would be allowing PW to boot off a separate partition shared with a Boot Camp installation of Windows, using hardware profiles to allow each environment to work using the same OS installation, but I'm happy to wait for that until later ;-) ..that really would offer truly incredible versatility though.
  6. david


    I'm also waiting for full screen native support on the MBpro, but at this rate I can see you are probably only a week or two away :) Keep up the good work and the rapid dev cycles! Refreshing to see (and be a part of) the way your product is being developed.

    On another note, has there been any talk or discussion of the possibility of dragging files from the host to the desktop of the VM, or vice versa. I know this is a really far out request, and probably very complicated, Still, just...wondering what it would require.
  7. jelockwood


    Keyboard mapping still broken in 2.1b4

    I have just tried the new 2.1b4 release and the Sound is much improved. However keyboard mapping is still as broken (for me) as 2.1b2 (and b3).

    I am testing on a UK spec MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.4.6 and I have Windows XP SP2(within Parallels) configured also to use a UK keyboard layout.

    Annoyingly the @ and " keys are reversed (i.e. to type a @ which on a Mac is normally shift 2, I instead have to type the shift apostrophe key). I understand other non US keyboard layouts have even more problems.

    I would guess Parallels are directly reading the key number from the hardware (e.g. key 153 pressed) and passing it to the client operating system. THOUGH SHALT NOT DIRECTLY ACCESS THE HARDWARE AS IT ALWAYS RESULTS IN A SMEGGING MESS!

    I was also going to post a request for more video resolutions as Parallels Workstation does not (yet) fill the full screen of my widescreen MacBook Pro, however I see that this is already planned to be addressed.

    Regarding toggling between windowed and fullscreen modes. From trying this 'new' feature in 2.1b4 I can see it merely removes the Mac bits of the screen and zooms the PC screen to best fit the physical display, that is pixels are being magnified. Would it be possible to instead cause the video driver to automatically change resolutions as well (to avoid magnifying pixels)?
  8. sedek


    Good work

    Yes, this is going to be an interesting product. Once Full Screen view works properly, I shall buy. Please make sure that windows in OS X get not resized and empty (like a Word document I had open) when people swich back from the VM.

    Thank you!
  9. macro_man


    Wow! Dual Monitor Support Is Amazing!!!

    Wow guys, this is absolutely amazing.... I have windows running on my external 24" display in full screen and it looks great (i set the resolution to as high as it would go)

    It is totally insane working in Mac OS X on my main screen and then move the cursor to the right and all of a sudden i am in my windows screen! completely seamless with fantastic performance ...

    definitely am going to preorder this right now
  10. brettw


    how lame ... if thats the case then why does the mac keyboard pass the correct codes with all other apps and even when the REAL machine is booted under different OSs (e.g. Solaris and Linux) ?? the workarounds presented are only applicable under a fully booted kernel and only under X on a system that assumes a sane representation in the VM of the key codes. perhaps you should reproduce the issue and try to understand it ....

    at least this beta gives me hope VMware will soon have a port to OS X ....... I have a few hundred users clamoring for a decent VM solution with solid support behind it ...
  11. stoli412

    stoli412 Bit Poster

    Sound improved, but still having sync problems

    Just installed Beta 4, and things are much improved. Great work!

    Most sounds have very little delay or stuttering. However, I'm still noticing a sync problem when playing streaming video or a DVD in iTunes, WMP, or VLAN. The sound seems to be a full 1-2 seconds behind the video. Is there anything I can do to correct this, or is this something that will be fixed in a future release?

    I'm running an iMac, 2.0 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM. The WinXP VM has 512 MB RAM allocated with latest patches and latest versions of all the mentioned software.
  12. divsorbit


    sonicwall vpn

    Hi craig,
    thx for your response. i am using a sonicwall vpn client. i will try the xp vpn client to see if i connect but i think sonicwall uses l2tp over ipsec. let me see.
  13. rohela


    USB support for audio input?

    Will there be USB support for audio input for USB based microphones and music devices?
  14. peter_b


    Boot support for physical partition

    Is there any way to know if there will be support for booting from a physical partition (as opposed to a virtual HD image) prior to (or concurrent with) the commerical release of PW?

    While I'm very happy with the performance and overall stability of PW, this would seal the deal for me in terms of giving me the ultimate configuration on a MBP.
  15. marvelouspatric


    i have a problem with sound.

    i'm using windows 98se as my guest os. i have no sound. i've installed the tools and all. is this my error or some weird issue?

  16. CraigF



    I'm not sure how much support you'll get for Win98. Microsoft is suspending support in June.
  17. CraigF


    So many people are requesting this feature, yet it goes against the fundamental design of virtual machines.

    The beauty of virtual machines, be it Parallels, VMWare, MS Virtual PC, Virtual Server, etc, is that the guest OS sees a generic hardware layer. The machines are portable simply by moving the self-contained virtual hard drive files and the machine config file.

    I think it would be a very bad idea to allow a vm guest OS to have direct access to hard drive partitions.
  18. konstantin


    When USB is finally implemented, it won't matter what you connect.
  19. mcg


    Uh, CraigF, most of us don't give a rip about the "beauty" of virtual machines or their "fundamental design."

    I mean, don't get me wrong, it is a cool concept that sets my geek antennae aflutter. But at the end of the day, we just want them to work. And we also want to integrate them into our styles of work and play in a practical manner. While virtual drives are nice in some applications, physical drives have genuine advantages in others. The same goes for direct access to the video hardware, I might add.

    It is no accident that vmware supports physical partitions for their products.
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  20. marvelouspatric


    i know they're suspending support... i'm just using it to dabble in the whole virtualization thing. i borrowed it from a friend. i plan to use XP when Parallels is out of beta. still, Parallels says 98se is supported, so i wanted to mention i have no sound incase this is a bug.

    for sake of argument, does anyone have any advice on how getting my sound on?


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